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15 Most Affordable European Cities

Ready to embark on a budget-friendly Euro trip? Look no further! While some areas in Europe may be known for their high costs, there are plenty of countries that offer an affordable travel experience. And the best part? You won’t be sacrificing any excitement or adventure in these budget-friendly destinations.

Check out these top 15 cheapest countries to travel in Europe:

  1. Romania – This under-the-radar gem is packed with castles, charming old towns, and breathtaking landscapes with primeval forests. Accommodation and dining are dirt cheap – you can score a hostel for around $10 a night and chow down on a delicious pork-centric meal for just $4. Don’t miss the Transylvania region for its Medieval towns and fortified churches, or hit the hiking trails for an unforgettable European safari experience.

2. Albania – This Mediterranean haven is still relatively unknown to tourists, making it a budget-friendly destination. Albania offers gorgeous beaches, stunning mountain ranges for hiking and climbing, and picturesque towns with Ottoman influences. A bunk bed in a modern hostel in Tirana will only set you back $8 a night, and you can grab a meal for as low as $5. With improved infrastructure and safety, it’s the perfect time to discover Albania.

3. Greece – Despite its reputation for pricey tourist islands like Santorini, Greece offers budget-friendly options as well. Opt for less well-known destinations like Tinos or Lefkada for affordable hotels and local tavernas. The Greek mainland also offers plenty of cultural and historical highlights without the high costs of package holiday islands. Airbnb prices can drop from €60 to €30-40 between August and September, making it a great time to explore Greece.

4. Portugal – With its surfer beaches, charming old towns, delicious pastries, and soulful Fado music, Portugal has become a popular travel destination. Although prices in Lisbon and Porto have gone up, Portugal remains budget-friendly overall. You can find a hostel for €15 a night or a budget hotel for €30-40. Take a trip to Portugal’s interior for set meals starting at €6 or explore the stunning coastline and countryside for even lower prices.

5. Bosnia-Herzegovina – Don’t let its unfamiliarity deter you from visiting this hidden gem. Bosnia offers natural beauty, rich history, and a vibrant culture at an affordable price. Stay in a hostel for around €10 a night, grab a traditional meal for €5-7, and experience the country’s stunning waterfalls, historic landmarks, and bustling cities. You’ll be glad you ventured off the beaten path to discover Bosnia-Herzegovina.

6. Southern Italy let’s talk about Southern Italy. Don’t sleep on this part of the boot, fam. You may not think of Italy as a budget-friendly destination in Europe, especially if you’re thinking of hotspots like Rome, Venice, or Milan. But in the south of the country, the vibe is totally different, and the prices are way more reasonable. Check out Puglia, aka the heel of Italy’s boot. You can score some sweet B&Bs starting at around $30, even in the heart of the historic city of Lecce. Just beware of peak season in August, when prices tend to go up as many Italians take their summer vacay in the region.

The south of Italy is a vibe, with cute towns featuring chalk-white houses, rolling olive groves, Vespa-lined streets, and some of the best beaches you’ll ever see.

7. Estonia. Think of it as a budget-friendly version of Scandinavia. The landscapes will remind you of Finland, with all its pine forests and peatlands. And the people are all about saunas and cross-country skiing, just like in the Nordic countries. But make no mistake, Estonia is unique, blending Nordic and Baltic cultures with some USSR architecture still in the mix. Don’t miss the KGB Museum in Tallinn, the Soomaa National Park, or the university city of Tartu. While the tourist center in Tallinn can be pricey, like Western European prices at times, most of Estonia is actually super budget-friendly, with $10 hostels, $20-$30 hotels, and cheap eats all over the place.

8. Montenegro. This little country may be small, but it packs a punch. There are plenty of ways to save money here, from free attractions to affordable apartments and hotels on the Adriatic coast. Start with a visit to the Bay of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with deep blue waters and towering mountains. If you’re looking to party, head to the coastal city of Budva, the city that never sleeps. Or, if you’re in the mood for some R&R, check out the lovely town of Herceg Novi. Accommodation is a steal here, with great places to stay starting at around $30 a night, even in peak season. Eating out won’t break the bank either, with meals at restaurants costing $6-$12, and a bottle of beer in a bar setting you back just $3. And don’t miss the local food! Try pljeskavica (the Balkan version of a burger), cured meats like prsuto, seafood pasta with shellfish, prawns, and shrimps cooked in a delicious red sauce, and the classic black risotto made with cuttlefish ink.

9. North Macedonia: This place is such a hidden gem in the Balkans, is a must-visit. From Skopje’s culture-packed capital, to the breathtaking Ohrid Lake, this country is sure to leave you in awe. In Skopje, you can check out the statues, museums and other cultural hotspots, or hit up the quaint small towns like Bitola. But the real showstopper is the picturesque Ohrid Lake and the town of Ohrid with its stunning churches and unbeatable local grub (just $4-$6 for a meal in a restaurant). Bus rides between cities are cheap and abundant, with a return ticket from Skopje to Ohrid only costing $13 and taking about 3 hours. And when it comes to accommodation, expect to spend $25 per night for an apartment in the center of Skopje and $15 to $30 in Ohrid. Of course, you can’t leave North Macedonia without trying the local flavors like pita, sarma, tavce na gravce, and Pastrmajlija.

10. Bulgaria. A country with a rich history and breathtaking beauty. Plovdiv is a great starting point, with plenty of free activities to enjoy like exploring the Old Town, admiring the Roman heritage, or strolling through the beautiful Tsar Simeon’s garden. But that’s just the beginning, fam. You can also head to the Seven Rila Lakes, cozy mountain lodges, or the ski resort town of Bansko. And if you’re visiting in the summer, hit up the Black Sea beaches like Sunny Beach, Varna, and Nessebar. Train tickets in Bulgaria are cheap and trains are frequent, with a 4-hour journey for just $5. Accommodation options are also budget-friendly, with a hostel bed for $8 and a 3-star hotel room for $12-$15 per night. Don’t forget to treat your taste buds with the local cuisine, with a meal at a restaurant costing around $7 and a bottle of beer at a bar for just $2.5.

11. Poland: This place is stunning. Cities like Kraków and Gdańsk are rich in history and packed with tasty local foods. And let’s not forget about the national parks like Ojcowski National Park near Krakow, home to gorgeous castles and stunning caves. In Gdansk, visit the old town and local markets, go hiking in the Tatra Mountains, or hit up the capital of Warsaw for budget-friendly hostel options at $15 per night. If you want to explore the cities with a local guide, check out Walkative for affordable tour options in major cities like Warsaw, Kraków, and Gdańsk. When it comes to grub, hit up a Bary mleczne (milk bar) for cheap eats and a taste of homemade local dishes like pierogi, soups, and Szarlotka (Polish apple pie).

12. Czech Republic: The Czech Republic, aka Bohemia, is the ultimate budget-friendly destination for thrill-seekers. Get ready to be wowed, budget-conscious travelers! Czechia, also known as the land of Bohemia, is the budget-friendly destination of your dreams. Prague, the capital city, is where the action is at, and it’s loaded with free must-sees. From the Jewish quarter to the medieval castles, the Old Town center is a breathtaking display of history and beauty.

But don’t just stick to Prague, take a detour to the spa town of Karlovy Vary. This cobblestone gem is home to hot mineral springs that’ll soothe both your body and soul. And don’t miss the enchanting town of Cesky Krumlov, with its red-roofed houses and charming streets that’ll make you feel like you’re living in a fairytale.

Your options for lodgings are plenty and vary by city. Book a Prague apartment for two for around $30 a night, or opt for a dorm room in a smaller city hostel for as little as $15. The food in Czechia is delish and won’t dent your wallet. Traditional goulash and dumplings are around $5, and for a quick and cheap bite, hit up one of the many kebab shops for under $3. And for a sweet treat, keep an eye out for trdelnik street vendors. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

13. Hungary: Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a sight for sore eyes and a must-visit. From sipping on tea and listening to live classical music at the New York Palace to exploring the iconic Great Market Hall, and bar-hopping in the Jewish Quarter’s famous ruin pubs, there’s no shortage of things to do. And when the sun goes down, treat yourself to a romantic Danube River Cruise, a 2-hour boat ride that’ll only set you back around $30.

When you’re ready for some sun and relaxation, head to Lake Balaton, famous for its beaches. Or soak in one of Hungary’s many thermal spa resorts, like Morohalom and Héviz Lake. The food scene in Hungary is on point, from hearty goulash soup to the delectable fried dough known as langos.

And the best part? You won’t have to break the bank to enjoy all this. A mid-range meal will run you around $15, while a local set meal is just $7. And with plenty of affordable accommodation options, from hostels to Airbnbs, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for savings.

14. Serbia: Serbia is the ultimate budget-friendly adventure waiting to happen. From the bustling city life and nightlife of Belgrade to the laid-back northern region of Vojvodina and the unique foodie experience in cities like Nis and Leskovac, there’s no shortage of excitement.

Up north, visit Palic Lake and take in stunning views while trying local specialties like fish stew and goulash. Then, head to the charming city of Novi Sad, known for its medieval fortress, river promenade, and lively clubs and bars. In Belgrade, don’t miss the main Knez Mihajlova street, a stroll in Kalemegdan Park, and a taste of grilled meat at a Skadarlija restaurant. And of course, try a shot of the local moonshine, rakija. For the nature-lovers and adrenaline junkies, take a hike on Tara Mountain or hit the slopes at the budget-friendly Kopaonik ski resort.

Staying in Serbia won’t hurt your wallet, with Novi Sad Airbnbs averaging $20-$30 a night, and hostel dorms just $10. And with meals averaging under $10 at nice restaurants, you can indulge when you want.

15. Ukraine is a hidden gem in the heart of Europe and the ultimate destination for budget-savvy thrill-seekers. The capital city, Kyiv, has been gaining traction in the tourism scene, with a diverse culinary scene that ranges from Asian to Middle Eastern flavors. Don’t miss out on the city’s open-air museums, the Main Astronomical Observatory, the vibrant street murals, or the stunning panoramic views from St. Vladimir Hill.