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Google’s trending travel Questions

From new regulations to safety, here are the top travel questions travelers are asking, right now, online.

Travel is getting hectic, both domestically and internationally. Now, not only do you have to figure out which countries are currently open to Americans, but you also gotta figure out new COVID protocols, documentation, and quarantine rules. So the BKT (Black Kids Travel) team took Google search data and figured out some of the most frequently asked travel questions.

#1: Is it safe to travel now?

Welp, you tell me. Everybody has an opinion about this virus. At the end of the day, you gotta do what feels safe for you. There is no solid answer and with so many factors to consider, like seats on aircraft are close together (we lookin’ at you, Spirit Airlines), sometimes planes are dirty (we still lookin’ at you, Spirit Airlines), and mask mandates are starting to be rescinded. Traveling now is a personal choice, but as you know, at BKT we stayin outside.

#2. How can I travel the world?

The same way you do anything, by starting! Our best advice is to start getting out there, asking questions, saving, planning, and engaging with people who have done it before you. Make a list of financially feasible destinations and start chipping away. Learn the best times to go, and activities. You can even ask your mates if they want to join. No reason to wait around thinking about it. Start taking action toward that goal.

#3: Is traveling important?

You know, at Black Kids Travel (BKT), we believe that exploration is the root of freedom and that changing your environment allows you to choose who you are. This notion is also backed by science. Recent studies show that travel makes you healthier, relieves stress, lowers your risk of depression, increases creativity and increases happiness, whether that travel is a quick holiday or a long-term journey. So, apart from having a great time outside, traveling is good for your health because freedom is good for your health

#4: Is traveling a hobby?

Apparently, yes. And let us tell you, boy, did people miss travel during the pandemic. According to a survey by Trivago,80% of consumers believed that not being able to travel was the worst part of the pandemic, and nearly 40% of people said they would give up their savings, job, and sex life if it meant they would be able to travel again.

#5. How do I travel by myself?

This depends on how much of a planner you are. As a traveler myself, I’m more of a “book the flight and we gone see” person. The trick to solo travel is networking and community. With Black Kids Travel (BKT), we got both of those covered. The most common fears linked to solo travel are safety and lingual and cultural barriers. BKT should be able to help connect you with people on the ground. Let us know where you going and we can help you link up with others from our community. Then all you have to do is choose a place and get outside!!

#6: Is travel insurance worth it?

This is also a personal choice. Reference our guides on choosing travel insurance. My personal rule is, if imma be there for more than 2 weeks, I should probably get insured. I got into a bike accident while I was living in Bali, and my surgery on my index finger ended up costing me 13k USD. I was wishing I had insurance then. We would also suggest checking if your travel insurance has COVID-related coverage.