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Why Festivals

Festival Drifters

All of our trips are centered around cultural festivals

The Original


Festival Drifters, a docuseries, began with the concept of excitement. Excitement is a universally understood emotion – no matter your status, skin color, age, or gender, we all know the feeling. Festivals bring out the best in a culture, showcasing the finest food, outfits, colors, and a willingness to share with outsiders.

These films will transport you to new places and give you a chance to experience the excitement and joy that festivals bring to communities, regions, or even entire countries. By sharing our experiences and perspectives, BKT aims to ignite a passion for international travel and promote cross-cultural understanding. These short films will bridge the gap and connect the world through the universal language of celebration.

Varanasi, India


Diwali is a colorful and vibrant festival celebrated in India that symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. It is marked by the lighting of oil lamps, the exchanging of gifts and sweets, and a multitude of lively celebrations. This festival, originating in India,  serves as a symbol of hope, unity, and renewal for the entire community.

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Working with


When traveling, we immerse ourselves in the local cultures and communities that we capture through our lens. That’s why we partner with talented local videographers and photographers when we travel abroad. Not only does this help us overcome language barriers, but it also gives them the chance to showcase their skills. By working with these talented individuals, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of local customs and traditions, and provide a space for them to be seen and appreciated by a wider audience.

Santiago Sacatepéquez, Guatamela

La Feria
de Barriletes Gigantes

The Festival of the Giant Kites (La Feria de Barriletes Gigantes) happens in Sumpango and Santiago Sacatepéquez, Guatemala, and celebrates the tradition of kite-flying, an activity deeply ingrained in the Mayan culture.

Held during the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) festivities, participants aim to offer their kites as a symbol of peace to the deceased, hoping to bring them closer to their loved ones for a day. It’s a beautiful display of community and cultural connection, and we’re honored to capture the excitement and magic of this incredible event.

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Why only


We don’t usually document music festivals. While they all offer different tunes, the overall experience – from the crowd vibe to the bass-filled atmosphere, and questionable outdoor restrooms – tens to be relatively similar across the board. Our focus is on capturing unique cultural experiences that truly reflect the essence of people groups. While we don’t shy away from food festivals, it’s the excitement of cultural celebrations that are truly unparalleled.


We Dream About

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We are currently scheduling the festivals we’ll be hitting up in 2024. Take a look and if you feel like joining us we’d be keen to have you.

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Our Unmatched Style

We started filming festivals in 2017. With over 20 festivals, 110 countries, across six continents under our belt, we promise a range of festivals with various levels of comfort and activities for a complete immersion in local celebrations and culture.

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The Highline Meeting
Kanamara Matsuri
La Merce