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Black Kids Travel (BKT) intends to change the travel industry, through featuring melanin-rich individuals exploring the world, we aim to break stereotypes and change perceptions.

Join us and discover the world in a new way.

Exploration fuels our motivation to travel. We began traveling to change our surroundings and continue to do so because our best experiences happen when we're on the move. Traveling strikes the perfect balance between fear, curiosity, and impulsivity for us. It's the people we meet, the culture we immerse ourselves in, and the thrill of discovering new things that drives us to share our experiences with others.

About Us

We are Black Kids, Traveling

We Making S#!t

We’re a group of like-minded individuals united by our melanin and passion for travel. Our paths crossed in Bali, where we discovered a shared vision of using our backgrounds in film and international travel to showcase the beauty and diversity of the world to our community. Together, we’re on a mission to inspire and empower others to step out of their comfort zones and explore the world.


BKT Core Team

Full Of "Us"
Co-Owner + Founder

Akil Wade

Akil is a traveler originally from Michigan. He is an entrepreneur that teaches people how to use AI in their everyday lives, especially for photography and videography.
Thought he has traveled to over 80 countries, and has no plans of slowing down.
He has a passion for building communities focused on large-scale life experiences. His background includes movie editing and marketing.

Anndrea J

Anndrea, has a background in travel and production and thrives behind the scenes.

Growing up immersed in travel and living abroad, she started solo traveling at 19. Appreciating the power of celebrations, Anndrea transitioned from making documentaries on international cultural festivals to valuing genuine interactions. She now understands that authentic human engagement matters more than video proof of experience and instagram. 

She believes that people create place and has stayed in the homes of strangers globally. Having journeyed through 88 countries, she’s excited for what’s next.

Co-Owner + Founder

Owen Daniels III

Owen Daniels III, also known as “The Black Billy Goat,” is a fearless adventurer who went from underdog mentality to exhilarating heights of exploring the world.
Fearlessly navigating the globe, Owen find peace in venturing off the beaten path, where he discovers hidden beauty that emerges from life’s struggles. Either with his digital camera or drone, he tries to captures these untold stories, breathing life into forgotten narratives that evokes a sense of wonder and curiosity for one to experience for themselves.
Driven by a visionary future where boundaries are shattered and new experiences are embraced, Owen’s art and his vision with Black Kids Travel aim to share authentic stories that tell the true essence of diverse cultures.
He firmly believes that travel has the power to transform lives, inspiring individuals to explore the world, and discover the extraordinary beauty that lies beyond the boundaries of familiarity.

So, that's us.

Take a peek.


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