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BKT is focused on cultural representation in the travel industry. We provide visuals highlighting melanin rich people in order to change perception.

BKT believes that exploration is the foundation of freedom and that travel allows people to choose who they are - our mission is centered on the ability to foster this freedom by providing access to a community that help people do so.

We are motivated by exploration. We don't see a lot of melanated travelers, and we want to change that through representation and conversation. Originally, we traveled to change our environment. We continue to travel because most of our best experiences have happened while doing so; travel has been our ultimate balance between fear, curiosity, and impulsive tendencies. People drive us, culture keeps us, and excitement makes us want to show everyone what’s out there waiting.

No matter your challenge, big or small, there’s potential for any move you make to challenge the status quo. We want to fuel our community's longing for travel and create experiences that begin to shape our collective future. With BKT, you get a global team of travel-obsessed people who know that if we don’t rethink everything, we change nothing.

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Coming 2023Festival Drifters

The Festival Drifters project is a docs-series about cultural festivals and happenings across the globe (not music festivals) because festival time is when cities and communities show their best selves. The mission is to present a realistic perspective on a variety of cultures as a way of connecting to the excitement festivals generate within a people group, a region, or an entire country.

Festival time is when cities and communities show their best selves. The best music, food, traditions, outfits, etc. It all generates the most contagious excitement, an emotion that is produced through cultural celebrations and an emotion all people can relate to.

These films will have the ability to allow the viewer to deeply engage in cultures on a relatable basis, as opposed to merely an "outsider looking in" platform; we want to draw people in and begin to present avenues to link across cultures.


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