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Creating a global community full of us, focus on making travel more accessible for all of us. Representation isour foundation. The World Is Ours!

What is BKT

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We're going to
Scotland in 2024

The Magic

We are heading to Shetland, Scotland for Up Helly Aa next year. The festival’s main event is the torchlight procession, where people dress up in traditional Viking costumes and carry burning torches through the streets, reaching a Viking ship replica and setting it on fire in a display of flames and sparks. 

Who are We?

What is BKT

Black Kids Travel (BKT) has a 3 pillar vision focused on representation, access and support.  We want you to see yourself in everything we make. Through representation we have the ability to change the perception, within our community, that melanated people don’t travel internationally. BKT provides access to travel through education and culture focused group trips (Festival Drifters). We are motivated to provide financial support to help people within our community travel both domestically and abroad. Our tenant will always be to centered on shifting the status quo and bringing a culturally enriched viewpoint to our audience.


Our community includes creatives, digital nomads, videographers, professionals, and everyday people who want to create memories with like-minded individuals.

Join our inclusive and safe community of melanated travelers.

BKT Abroad Fund

Want to travel but need an ally-oop to get there? Our BKT Abroad Fund provides scholarships for various travel needs, with the goal of making travel accessible to as many people as possible — you included.

Apply for scholarships, read our travel guides, and stay informed about new scholarship opportunities.


“Photos or it didn’t happen” because nothing is worse than taking a trip and not capturing the extraordinary experience. Our festival-centered trips are led by skilled videographers who will assist you in capturing high-quality content suited for TikTok and Instagram. Come travel with us.

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The Magic

All of our group trips focus on cultural festivals, because that is when cities and communities showcase their best music, food, traditions, and outfits. The excitement generated during festival time is truly contagious.

Festival Drifers


The Magic

Experience unique and authentic cultural festivals around the world on a group trip with us. Our trips are not traditional, curated experiences, but rather an opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture and connect with the people, regions, and countries that host these events. 

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With over 20 festivals and 110 countries, across six continents  under our belt, we promise exclusive festival viewing, unparalleled flexibility, and a range of festivals with various levels of comfort and activities for a complete immersion in local celebrations and culture.

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We aim to change the way our community views domestic and international travel. Representation and education is crucial as many melanated people do not see travel as a feasible option. At BKT, we address the main reasons people don’t travel: lack of understanding, fear, and finances and teach how to overcome them.

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BKT partners with like-minded organizations, businesses, and influencers to enhance our offerings and provide unique experiences for our travelers. Join us in building a global network for unforgettable memories.

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